Finding A Reason

Why do we do what we do? What drives us? what keeps us going? Why do we hurt ourselves? Why hasn't Josh blogged for 3 months? *Im sorry* (-_-) Of late, being the end of the year and all, I got to thinking recently, what makes us do the things we do on a daily basis? why are we as humans so self destructive; our habits, relationships and general behaviour. Then it hit me, as simple as this may sound, the main reason why humans appear to be irrational or devoid of thoughtfulness in some of their actions is that they haven't found a reason for what they're doing. Take this for example; Most college students have no reason for educating themselves in school, hence they focus on getting good grades so as to get a good job and earn good money. The end. Finis. Same thing goes for some people and marriage, they have no reason for marriage other than "my friends are getting married" or "I'm old enough for that now" or "I wanna have kids someday". No wonder divorce rates keep on rising. As a recent graduate myself, Everyone has been asking me all the conventional questions. You know, "When are you getting married?", "What next?", "What job are you gonna get" etc. Needless to say, this period of time has caused me to challenge some of the reasons I've held on to for so long and the result of my soul searching is what I want to share with you.
   Surprisingly, this post doesn't address finding a reason for big questions like marriage or career. I believe to truly begin to live with a reason, you need to start questioning yourself on a smaller scale. "Why am I eating this second plate?", "Why do I need the latest iPhone?" (just joking about this one.. always GET the latest iPhone--NEVER QUESTION THIS!! *down with androids* ) (^_^). Anyway back to the point, As I sat in my room, questioning myself, I noticed that the reason why I had made as many shortcomings as I did and I found that it was simply because I never found a solid reason before doing most of the things I did, and as a result, I had to get one on the fly. I personally believe that if we take out time when planning our days, to just find solid reasons for doing things, we can eliminate the things that dont have reasons, we can become increasingly productive and efficient in everything we do. 
PS: The next time you're gonna sit in front of 1 hour+ of the Kardashians, ask yourself why. The next time you're gonna follow illogical fashion, ask yourself why. 
I for one believe that the world would be a much better place if people learnt how to ask why. We'd have less conmen, doomed marriages, annoying customer care personnel, etc. 
Well, that brings me to the end for today. Keep asking, keep challenging the status quo. Stay hungry, stay Foolish (no, that didn't fit in -_-).  Also I'm back.... again