No. 2: The World's Unsung hero

The History of the human race is one that has been filled with many great achievements and amazing feats of courage, vision, discipline, hard work and endurance. This has provided us with a number of heroes in various aspects of life. Most of the time. It's the one man who achieved such greatness we tend to idolise, a couple of examples are: Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King and many more. The interesting thing is, we tend to give way too much attention to these men and two little attention to their "number 2s"; Those who work behind the scene making things happen, doing all the things necessary to allow such great men achieve great things without distraction or unnecessary hinderances. But these men and women rarely ever get any credit. Sometimes they don't even get any recognition from the great men they assist. In my honest opinion, These guys are the true great men and women. It takes a lot of heart to be (sometimes) equally qualified to a particular person and stay out of the limelight making sure things go smoothly while someone else takes all the glory. Check this out for example; we all know the name of the first man on the moon - Neil Armstrong, but did you ever think of the guy  who had to stay back in the shuttle to make sure everything went smoothly while Neil and his friend jumped around on the moon? does He deserve any less credit? Or what about the the guy who woke up early every morning to make sure Einstein's lab was in shape and that he remembered to eat something?. Moving on to a more relatable example, We all know Steve Jobs, But only a handful know Apple's co-Founder Steve Wozniak, who by the way did most of the technical heavy-lifting. 

This perspective of greatness most people have that makes them only recognise those at the forefront of great achievements is what is majorly responsible for most men and women not giving any credit to those who put in just as much/important work into a particular project. This point of view drives people to the point where they'll stop at nothing until they are the centre of attention or they reach the highest point achievable. Most people think this is how to achieve true greatness. Sadly, greatness is far more complex than what most people perceive, It goes beyond recognition, fame or money. It's all about maximising your potential and reaching self fulfilment. The moral of my rather short piece is; Greatness is rarely ever in a man, it always lies in a vision, Hook up to the right vision, find the place you fit in best (not necessarily as the head) and put in 200%, remembering that it's not about the recognition but about putting all human sentiment and hunger for glory aside in order to achieve something great. Due to this, I have declared today October 11, 2012 as Michael Collins day (pictured right). The man who stayed back in the shuttle to make sure Armstrong and Aldrin were able to come back to the ship. This ladies and gentlemen, is a true great man.