The Power Of Dreams

      Hello Guys, Josh here. I know, I know, its been a very very long time. Well, no need to waste any more lines on excuses & apologies. Let's get down to it. Today I wanna talk about dreams. Remember those? Its something everyone has or had or should have but along the line, society has forced most of us to drop our dreams and focus on reality. Today's society has coerced most people into a "reality box" where they see dreams as something for children. Point is, somewhere along the line, we all get that "get real" speech. Granted, there are unrealistic dreams... in fact almost all dreams are unrealistic. Dreams are supposed to be Unrealistic. Dreams give you a glimpse of what you're capable of achieving... your potential. You just have to start getting used to dreaming big. What I'm encouraging here isn't a mere daydream. I want you to have a daring dream. Something that challenges the status quo. Before I get into the power of dreams, allow me to explain the qualities daring dreams have (credits: John Maxwell) ; 

  • Must rely on discipline not luck
  • Must Focus on the journey to your "end goal"
  • Cultivates a healthy discontent with the status quo
  • Maximizes the value of hard work it doesn't minimise it.
  • Leads to action not more dreaming or excuses
  • Creates momentum
  • Breeds teamwork
  • Initiates the process to achieving the dream
  • Makes you not others responsible.
      The points above are pretty self explanatory so I'll just move on to the power of your dreams is found in making yourself fulfil them by turning them into goals.  The funny thing about most dreams that eventually become great innovations would have remained stupid or unrealistic ideas until those men/women who dreamed them up turned them into actionable goals. That's what you've got to do. dream a dream, no matter how unachievable it is, (remember, some dreams are so epic it takes a lifetime to bring it into the world). You'll be SHOCKED at what you can achieve if you turn an dream you have into a to-do list of a couple of steps. So what are you waiting for? get dreaming... Let me know how that goes for you in the comments.

Cheers. Josh.