Reversing the cycle

For a while now, I've blogged about how bad the current situation of the world is, how desolate everything has become. But I've always wondered if there was a solution. I've heard stories about the past, where you could leave your house unlocked and unguarded and nothing would be amiss upon your return. I've heard of how the average person back then was morally sound and patriotic, regardless of religion or tribe, of how everyone had a general respect for their fellow man. These stories got me thinking, "is it possible to go back to such days?". Could we come to a place everyone isn't too busy worrying about themselves to look out for their fellow man?. Thankfully the answer is yes. But, like everything worthwhile, it's going to take some serious work. Before going any further, I'd like to state that this isn't one of those unrealistic "there's good in everyone" speeches. What I'm about to say is logically sound and only needs a few people to kickstart. 

First, let's look at how we got to this situation in the first place. How did we degrade from being super nice  humans to untrusting individuals? simple ---> back then, all it took to change the world for the worse was a little percentage of people to destroy people's trust and spread the disease of selfishness, distrust and immorality. These guys were responsible for making bad behaviour look cool and for propagating the notion that money and  fame is everything and so on and so forth. These guys practically started a cycle; they hurt people and broke their trust and then the victims took it out on other people. a cycle that eventually turned the into world to what it is today. I want you to see this as a call to arms. Let's be the small percentage, the agents of change that will reverse that cycle that is currently in motion by doing good and building trust. take out a few seconds to help people out, not because you want something from them but because you can. The interesting thing about this is that when you help people, those you helped and others are inspired to help others by your actions. I believe it is possible to eventually reverse the cycle, it may take years, but we can get there. I want to make it clear that I don't believe in helping everyone, there are those who would seek to take advantage of this, or who may have been hurt so bad they wont trust so easily, For such people, I believe there's a place you have to draw the line as to how far you would go. 
In conclusion, I must lay emphasis on the fact that the most important factor everyone willing to join the group of agents of change must possess is, GENUINENESS. you should help people nay because it's the right thing to do and not because you're trying to get favours from them or have them "owe you one". Like I said previously, it may take years but i believe we can get there if we put in the necessary effort. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. I'd love to hear back from you in the comments section. :)