Where are we headed?

They say Children are the future but do they really mean that? I've observed and noticed a very unnerving trend; we are literally playing with fire. Kids/teens/young adults are being raised and fed with and by the media. The internet. Games. ...the Kardashians???  . For the sake of this article, I'll refer to children as "our future". Today's youth, 'our future', don't have the skills necessary to create the bright future our songs tell of.
I need not rely on mere stories for what I'm talking about, for I myself have had many a conversation with many a youth (pardon my "unusual" grammar, I write with fury). The general level of common sense and intelligence has plummeted to the point where you can barely have a conversation about relevant matters with these people much less find them searching for such information.
Well, I can't resist the temptation any longer. Enter: Conspiracy theory #3: "Entertainment is evil". WAIT. dot shoot me just yet, hear me out. After much thinking and research, I uncovered the obvious; the average "under 20" guy is clueless about basic world affairs, and his future in general. Entertainment is robbing our youth of the precious time which they should've used for character development, sharpening their intellect. Sadly, the situation grows dire day after day. Now, we have more reality tv shows on TV than high school subjects in schools. Ladies and gentlemen, we need to wake up and smell the coffee.. Imagine this, 25 years from now, if that girl on your street who's addicted to reality TV and Facebook, becomes the next governor of your  state, senator, or *gulp* president. What kind of decisions do you expect her to make??. **end of conspiracy theory**
Lets get real for a moment, If you've had your fair share of socializing with people for some time now, you might have noticed a shocking trend -- people are getting less intelligent by the day and it all boils down to the fact that the general population is no longer being motivated to build their minds with constructive, positive and healthy content. It seems to me that nearly every TV series and movie portray people who pursue healthy constructive content and self improvement through what they consume (e.g books, movies etc.) and what they do as potential "forever alone guys"
Frankly, I think the best way around this problem is to encourage the next generation that being smart isn't "uncool" and quite frankly necessary for the sanity of the world... We already have too many stupid ideas.
Well that's all for now, Remember the world is depending on you to save it from the "others" lol.