Learning from the ant II: Saving up in bits.

We live in a world where a majority of people are very unhappy with their country's economy and the effect of it on their lives. We've all been there. we all wish we lived in a world where everything is fair and everyone can be truly happy/satisfied financially and have great lifestyles. I'm gonna stop now because I feel the urge to add rainbows, unicorns and all that ^_^ . The point is this world is shockingly imperfect, and there's pretty much nothing nayone will be able to do about that. However, you can make your own world as awesome as possible by adopting the "bit-by-bit" strategy from the ant. The ant has made a name for itself as a tireless hardworker, a quality a lot of us have (especially when it comes to making money) but what we often overlook is that the ant combines its hardwork with "smart work". Ants can carry things far heavier than they are, yet when they need to carry off some of your precious biscuits, they pick it off crumb by crumb, storing it up in a certain loaction until its enough for them to withstand storms and unfriendly climate conditions. 
Enough on ants, how does this apply to us humans? First, we have to look at certain things that can be stored; money, knowledge, possessions, achievements etc. Lets look at money, If an ant suddenly gained the ability to work a 9 to 5pm job like most of us, chances are he'll have more saved than we do. The lesson here is, you must save more than you spend by saving daily and spending on occasion. My dad once told me to save in trickles daily, and spend largely on occassion.Have you ever considered the amount of change you spend on things you dont need? I did a calculation once and found out that I spent almost 30% of my allowance weekly on things I really didnt need and I suggest you check too, By doing so, I save 50% of my allowance monthly easily now. If it works for the ant, it'll work for you. This also works for knowledge gathering or academics, The best way I've discovered to master a course, language, subject as the case may be, is to do it in bits over time. Our problem most times is that we are waiting for that unoccupied block of time when we'll be free of most of our responsibilities. Well, life never gives you that, the older you go, the busier you get till your'e too old to need what you wanted to learn in the first place. So why not copy the ant today? In my quest to emulate the ant in my learning, I decided to give 30 mins to learning a particular programming course daily and in just under a week, I've completed the beginners module.  
I must admit, working this way isnt easy, but you need to put in that extra juice and once it becomes a habit, you'll never be able to settle for anything less. I'd love to hear your thoughts, views, disagreements and results in the comments. Cheers Josh.