I got tagged....

           A while ago, MISSLARA, a fellow blogger tagged me. She basically asked me to say 11 random things about myself and answer 11 questions... So beneath dwells a tale as sung by the bards of ye olde times of a man who was once a boy, who was once a child. The tale of Josh.. the first??

  •  Lover of God and my fellow humans.
  •  Programmer
  •  Christian
  •  Gearhead
  •  Genius
  •  Thinker.
  •  Lover of fast, beautiful cars.
  •  Hardcore Gamer
  •  Minimalist.
  •  Great friend.

And now her 11 questions. My answers will be right under them.

1) What is your favourite endearing word?
 A: Awesomeness

2)what was your most embarrassing moment?
A:a well guarded secret that I'll take to the grave lol.

3)what do you think of me? (misslara)
A: here goes
  • Intelligent
  • great writer 
4) Are you sexually active?
A; Nope.

5)what do you think of me?
A: answers above lol

6)What gift would you love for your birthday?
A: Aston martin one-77.

7)who is a major influence in your life right now?
A: My dad

8) Thoughts on marriage?
A: It's a union between 1 man and 1 woman. :p 

9) what do you do in your spare time?
A: Lurk on reddit (*trollface*), mostly crunching code.

10) what is the single most stupid thing you have ever done?
A: saw an episode of glee :p

11) do you have any event you regret?
A: Nope.