How to buy happiness .... with money

I know... I Know... we've all heard the saying money can't buy you happiness. it's wrong. Money can't buy joy but it can buy you happiness all you need is the right shopping list. Most people spend their money on themselves. That's fair considering a majority of people work for their own money. However, many people are still not happy. Let's have a logical breakdown of what "buying" means. To buy basically means to exchange what you have (money) for what someone has(e.g iPhone) or to get something done (e.g laundry). Well in order to buy happiness, studies have shown that you can do this by giving your money to those in need or to a worthy cause(charity, missionaries etc.).
For a long time I always knew there was this special feeling you get from giving (genuinely) to those in need but I never knew it could be controlled as easily as just giving money to people or to get things done for others on purpose. I became actively aware of the connection between helping others with money after watching a TED talk on this subject. I set out to try this out and I found that by donating money to a worthy cause or helping out people in need with it, I actually felt significantly happier than I would have if I bought a burger with the same amount of money. So... In need of happiness? Go out and buy you some :p . Let me hear your experiences past or present in which you used your money to help someone else out and felt good about it in the comments section. Have fun. Cheers. Josh (a very "happy" customer)