Square pegs, Round holes and Life lessons :)

It was a cold, dark, sunny night. Wait... what? Ok never mind. Well recently I got to thinking and I discovered something interesting that I would love to share with you. Have you ever seen a kid play with his shapes and keeps trying to fit the square peg into the round hole? If you have, (or if you havent but have a reliable imagination), then you'll realize that the kid would fail no matter how hard he works at trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. And the moral of the story? .... crime doesn't pay.. oops wrong moral *lol*. Well the point of the analogy is to point to your attention a mistake almost all of us make with the most important issues of our lives most importantly our career choices/way of life. Most of us have been led to believe from a very young age that your life has to meet certain requirements for you to obtain happiness or fulfillment. While it is true that there are certain general factors common to everyone who wishes to have an amazing life, one must also remember that everyone on earth was created to express a high degree of individuality. Your responsibility then becomes to find out how to bring out that individuality and express it in your life and to your world in a special way. However, most people dont do this. People look at all the successful people in the world today and begin to model their lives after theirs in a weird "copy-cat frenzy". Some people go as far as the same hairstyle or manner of speech. This robs you of your individuality. Back to the analogy of the square peg in the round hole, that's like many of us, trying to fit our "square-shaped" destinies into the round holes of those we look up to, the expectations of those around us and the social conventions we're exposed to. Just like the kid who works so hard trying to fit the square peg in the round hole, we also waste a large amount of our lives trying to force-fit our destinies into the templates of those before us. Finally, I want you to picture a scenario in which a kid succeeds in forcing the square peg in the round hole, what normally comes of that is a broken toy. So also, when you toss your individuality aside and blindly force your life to fit the ones of people around you, 9 times out of ten, you come out broken in a way that's tricky to repair. Well, that's all for now, Let me hear your thoughts, views, comments, disagreements and criticisms in the comments section. 
              Stay awesome.