Carpe Diem

        Hi guys, Josh here and the first thing I want to say is that I've missed you all very much and its great to be back blogging. During the "End of the year-new year" period, I got to thinking. We all have resolutions, goals, dreams, visions, desires, wishes, etc. We all have something we want out of our lives and We all wish for ways to make them happen. Some of us pursue them more actively than others. However, 90% of the time, we discover in the end that we had the resources, time and capacity to make those things happen but what made us fall short of our expectations… was ourselves.We failed to seize the day. It's extremely easy to see how you could have gone about achieving something more efficiently after it failed. I can't count the number of times I woke up on a "December 31st" and look at the resolutions I wrote at the beginning of the year, and I always see what I could have done to achieve those things. I'm sure some of you have had this kind of experience. Last year I traced my steps to see where I fell off track and I discovered that all I had was drive.. pure raw motivation. Let me give a quick example: One of my resolutions last January was to learn add a particular programming language to my C.V. Sadly at the end of the year I hadn't. I realized I had more than enough resources to achieve that goal in less than 6 months but I never "seized the day". After much study and observation, I've come to realize that the only way I can seize the day is by treating each day like the start of a new year. (*and no... it's not as crazy as it sounds*) What I have done this year is to stop looking at my journey to a goal on a cumulative basis but rather seeking to achieve on a daily basis. Everything that comes my way now, I decided to give it my possible best. To outdo my self every time. What if it was possible to achieve more by the hour? by the minute? by the moment? I let the fact that In life you're only as significant as the impact you've made and continue to make. Last year, like many people I interviewed for this, I found it so easy to rest on the minor achievements I made on the way to larger goals. This fueled my procrastination in that direction. So this year I sat down, took a look at all the resources I had to my disposal; technological, intellectual, physical etc. and planned for a change. When last did you make a comprehensive plan before doing something? i think the most common failure story is that of a man who knew the right steps but never took them. So as you go on with your day , your plans, work and routines, take out time to see how much more effective you can make yourself. What else could you buy to improve your productivity, save time, help you think better and so on. REMEMBER, People come, people go, people are born, people die, they succeed, they fail but in the end, nothing's more tragic than a man who wasted his potential. *Cheer up guys* know you know lol.. check out this picture I found..."thought provoking" ----->   Right HERE !!!! :)
I'd also love to hear how you guys plan to make this year super effective in the comments. Enjoy and share.. cheers.