Reality Distortion Theory#1; Jobs are for .... (dont get a job)

               Hi guys, I'm here today to tell you a story... a personal story. While this goes against all my principles of sharing unnecessary details of one's personal life, I just cant take it anymore.. (*I shall rephrase*) this is NOT an emo rant. Just a simple string of thoughts (as usual (^_^) ). Well here goes,            

                   One random sunny day, I was driving home from work when, ..
        Oh never mind. You won't have liked my story anyway. On to business. Recently I've been thinking. Why do we work? I mean seriously... why? Most people would say, "to earn a living", "pay the bills" e.t.c but I've come to realize that the concept of having a job can be looked at from a widely different angle. As a specialist in turning modern & ancient concepts inside out, up-side down just to ask why, I put it to you that a ''job" in the average sense of it is for... well i'd rather not say such lol. I must point out before going on that I'm extremely hardworking(as seen by my frequently updated blog..*_* lol ) and on a personal level, I always want to know the end result of things before getting involved. Needless to say, I obsess over structure and planning ahead. On a side note, before I could come to terms with the concept of an endless eternity, well lets just say it wasn't pretty. It really bothers me that the only time you are ever going to be free from a job  is when your'e retired. Now lets break it down a little bit. 

   The average job demands about 13-14 hours a day.  
  Good sleep requires 7 hours, most people use 5 or less.
  Cooking, eating, transportation and other minor activities take up to 2 hours or           
   waiting for something takes about 1 hour or more (cumulatively *face it..everyone waits*)

        This isn't a conclusive calculation but hey.. thats about 22 hours... geez no wonder there's so much divorce, hatred and disorder in families. It's like selling your soul. Your job practically takes over your life. Sure you get paid, fed e.t.c but what time do you have left to actually  experience life? to fulfill your God-given purpose? almost none. This is my reason for condemning jobs. 

(#RandomConspiracyTheory---> "if governments are so "evil" and corrupt? dont you get worried when they always want to "create more jobs"?)lol i joke of course. The fact however remains that in order to fulfill certain obligations in life, you need more than a job... you need a... (*drum roll*)  
LIFE!!! As much as people would disagree, its actually true. Most people dont have a life. I'll explain. A life must be a rich experience on earth as intended by God in which we all fulfill our purpose for coming here. 
 it is however possible to have a life and a job too.. I'll show you my idea of how in my next post. Cheers.. Josh :) 
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