A lesson from the crabs

Hi guys, Josh here. A few days ago I got to thinking. Why is it that when a person gets a bit of success, Its almost always his friends that pull him down. Either by alienating him or 'guilting' him into thinking He's acting superior. Although its possible that the guy in question was responsible for his own downfall (*actually that's basically the case most of the time*) but that's not my point right now (^_^). A basic demonstration of this concept is the crab mentality or like it's popularly known, 'crabs in a bucket'. This is basically a scenario in which a bunch of crabs are put in a bucket, a bucket in which any crab can escape at any point in time but can't because any time one crab tries to escape, all the others pull it down. This practically continues till the crabs stop bothering themselves. The moral of this story is when you don't support others in their time of success, it's not only them that stay in the 'bucket' of mediocrity, you also stay with them pulling them down. 
In today's world, we can see that being prevalent. Every time someone succeeds, 'haters' rise up. Just try to think back to any success or great idea you've ever had, you'll notice that  its most likely to have been a friend or loved one who criticized, or tried to play down your idea, stab you in the back, spread a mean rumor , etc. It's actually funny that you might have played that role at one point. Have you ever been in this conversation?

Friend : Hey, I have this great idea and i think it would be big someday.

You: Well, Im not so sure, It might not catch on. Or 'don't get to far ahead of yourself'.
        Well if you've been in a similar situation, I want you to see my point of view. Most people who pull their friends' ideas down, are secretly scared that they'll be left behind or that will somehow affect their own success. Well interestingly, what Ive noticed (and can't go into in detail) is that those who benefit the most from a person's success are those who supported them right from the start. Imagine if all the astronauts wanted to walk on the moon with Neil Armstrong and no one waited behind in the spaceship to make sure everything went well, they'll probably never have walked on the moon. Finally, I'll like to say that sometimes you become number 1 by helping someone else become number 1. 
Let me hear your thoughts in the comments. till next time guys. Have fun. (^_^)