Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a problem : Theory 2

         Hey guys, a while back I started stating some "exagerated" theories about the things I felt were responsible for us losing our mental edge in this day and age. Well the second theory is "TV is evil".
        Before you close this page and unfollow my blog ;) , I want you to think with me for just one minute (or as long as it takes you to get to the end of the post). Yes, "TV is evil" is a major cliche, Yes, there have been many experiments to prove or disprove this fact but one way of looking at that statement really caught my attention and I'd love to share it with you.
       First off, Tv watching is a time based habit. Obvious. But what you may never have considered time based habits...well, have a way of taking up your time. Now for some super simple math (this will make you angry at how broken down it is)
time spent watching TV = time spent sitting around achieving nothing = wasted youth.
       This might seem a bit harsh but this also extends to all forms of multimedia such as watching movies on your laptop or other portable devices. Some guys argue that watching lots of TV is ok as long as you're watching some educational stuff... hahahaahaha suckers. Really? Do they think that anyone who's a success in life spends up to 3-4 hours a day in front of the TV? (excluding news) . Remember I'm looking at this from an extreme point of view so forgive my hashness. TV puts your mind in a state of consistent idleness and this kills off your creativity, ability to focus, attention span, alertness, motivation to work. Granted, TV has some really great content (or used to have) but most of the shows available today are just brainless, sexually inclined shows with scripts that seem like 5 yr olds wrote them. 
        That said, let's see how this kills our intellect. We all know that to be smart mentally, you have to put in certain effort and train your mind by studying a particular subject or discipline. Lets say you spend about 8 hours a day (Mon - Fri for most people) doing things that keep you thinking and the remaining  16 hours sleepng, eating, socializing, gaming, TV, shopping e.t.c It's plain obvious that your putting more time into things that help your mind die faster than things that build up your mind. This theory gets worse when you look at the effect on a long run basis. Mathematically, this implies that for every 365 days, you spend 243 killing your brain (correct me if I'm wrong). Yet we wonder why old people have memory loss. Just my 2 cents guys. *WAKE UP*
Josh out ;)