fast food for thought (*all puns intended*)

Hi guys, Josh here. I'm about to take you on a train ride of interesting "conspiracy theories" and just life talk as usual ;) sit back and relax... Ok, ever wondered what the end of the world may be like? I certainly have and I still daydream from time to time about it. And in recent times, there has been much talk of 2012 being the "end" of the world as we know it... LOL. Seriously? It bothers me that "intelligent" and modern human beings would take seriously what some Mayan clowns who spent most of their time recovering from bricks hitting their heads as they built giant structures for "aliens" (*permit my diversion into pop culture*) said in their calenders?? I think they must have run out of rock to pen in year 2013 and beyond and just gave up. Anyway that's not my point. My focus is actually the Christian belief of rapture and the end of the world. After giving it much thought, I can tell you that the world is putting itself in position for the well it takes an expert and inventor of conspiracy theories to see it (*me*) lol. ****Social Networking.... that's right. In typical fashion, I have once more linked social networking to something completely out of its scope. Random? not really. Just read on. You know how after the rapture there will be wars and trouble and earthquakes and stuff, there will also be oneness.(eventually) The bible tells us that the antichrist would be chosen to head this newly found one-world. Now I gave this much thought, being a christian myself. Then it hit me. People wont just wake up one morning and agree for all the world's nations to merge...even after a word wide event (rapture) in which a large portion of humans would be gone and the chaos that would ensue. But come to think of it, Social networking is the one way in which the world has been "forced" into oneness. People join forums and sites without saying stuff like; "I dont like jews" or arabs or blacks or whites or asians etc. They just join for the fun of it. This tells me that social networking is more like a mental preparation for the world against that day when all nations would be under one flag. think this is crazy? just do a quick count of all your facebook friends that you've never met, don't know or live in other countries... you may apologize for doubting me in the comments section. lol So what do you think? Is this a valid point? I wanna hear your views. Stay awesome, Josh.