Too much Online time may make you dumber :)

Ding! …I fetch my phone from my pocket and find another  notification ,on viewing it I spend a few seconds commenting on a friend's  status update or retweeting someone's clever tweet. Either youre chatting with friends on some Instant Messaging platform  or working on a blog (guilty -_-)  the fact remains that being online has practically become an irreplaceable part of our lives. Social networking most especially has been integrated so deeply into our lives that it takes up all the time we give it including some of our "work" time. I first saw this as a problem the first time I saw people tweet in church. I mean c'mon .. we barely know how to communicate with sense anymore. 
*try to look at the following conversation objectively*
Person 1: Yo dude whatz gud mehn
Person 2 : kl
Person 1: hws lyf?
Person 2: gd
Person 1: kk
That's the average conversation nowadays... we're losing our intelectual edge people. It cant be only me that's bothered that the number of tests to find out how many animals are smarter than man has increased exponentially...seriously guys just take one step back, drop that device and think :)
 Still don't believe me? I challenge you to a challenge of sorts :D ---- you are to stay away from all forms of internet connectivity for  day (* you're not even allowed to check your mail*) I bet you'll end up looking like this

But on a more serious note, being online almost all the time keeps us in touch with our friends and the world but robs us of our precious thinking time. I've seen people do the most foolish things online and IRL (in real life) and that's because people practically have no time to think about life and other serious things anymore. Seriously guys try it. Just once I promise the results would be extremely pleasing.
What are you waiting for? Go offline today  J
Tell me what you think about this you agree? Do you disagree?? Comment . L8r