Ladies and gentlemen... We've got a problem --- theory1 :)

          hear it now, for i would lay rest the grace that is in my tongue so I may speak plainly... Days like these are far too rare to cheapen with heavy handed words...A wise man once said... when people are dying and racism, immorality, family and marital breakdowns, youth crime, are at an all time high and all young people can think about is social network or some random celebrity's tales of woe... we've got a problem. I spent quite some time cooking up some conspiracy theories as to why today's youth pay no serious attention to critical life issues. The first one is "Social networking is evil"
      Yes yes I know you all probably went O_O at that but just consider my viewpoint on this (*Just to be clear I'm an avid user of Social networking, in all forms including online gaming... so take no offence ^_^ *) .. but let's face it.. we just don't think about the things we should anymore. Just to be clear i believe deeply that social network is the best thing that happened to the world since fried chicken but come on..Okay for all you doubters out there... try this little test

  • Do you spend 5 hours + online a day?
  • Do you spend all of it on Social Networks, Chatting, gaming and similar activities??
  • Do you spend time researching and loading up on all the powerful and useful information on the internet?
                 If like most of us, your answer goes thus 1 --- yes... #2 ---- yes #3 --- no/ not really/ sometimes/ rarely. Then you can see we have quite a problem.We are trifling with what peeps from previous generations suffered and used calculator- like computers to achieve. Guys let's aim to make our answers all yes :) cheers... Josh out. :) and yeah feel free to steal this :)