3 cool tools to make your day better :)

      hi guys, Today's daily 3 will follow a simple format... something to help you mentally, physically and of course spiritually. Hence making you the perfectly "rounded" individual. I thought I'd start off with 2 of my favorite websites and a software that will make you AWESOME in no time :). In the words of a random wise Asian dude, Enough talk...lets begin;
1) Lumosity.com

           This site is simply genius i mean really genius first off its free.. well most of it anyway. Its basically a brain fitness software program that offers brain training games as cognitive training applications. The awesome thing about this site is that it offers games that are extremely simple, yet very challenging. Luminosity.com tracks your progress and calculates your BPI (brain performance index) and updates it after every training activity. the great thing about these games is that they are scientifically approved by some of the world's best scientists to target specific areas such as focus, face-name recognition, thinking speed, multitasking. etc. I can't begin to explain how helpful this site has been... try it for yourself at Lumosity .

2) F.lux
          Have you ever noticed how tired your eyes feel after a day of working on your PC, laptop or smartphone? well its because of the extreme brightness of their screens. Some pretty clever guys over at stereopsis.com have an amazing lightweight software on their website. It basically makes your screen orange gradually as the day goes on to mimic the behavior of the sun. You can find all the technical details there but trust me. This software would make your sleep more rewarding and keep your eyes in tip-top shape :) ------> Download here :)

3)Spirit meat 

         Yes yes, its exactly how it sounds. a place where you can get all the free meat you can eat. Oh and may I add... its safe for all kinds of vegetarians too. But I'm not talking about some quality steak, I'm talking about an awesome online resource where you can go for a real spiritual refreshing. Hungry? well, what are you waiting for? go go ---> Spirit meat
       Well, there you have it guys. Read, visit, enjoy and most importantly...SHARE
Josh out.