Emotional Sacrifice

As humans, we are very sentimental people. We have "feelings". This is normal, we smile, cry, worry, laugh,etc. it's the way we're supposed to be. However, the problem comes in when we let these emotions control us. It makes us irrational, robs us of our logic and clarity of thought. Sadly, it's those who we care about and love the most that are often at the receiving end of our fluctuating emotions.
This is something that has always bothered me,how would someone claim to be my friend if when he/she is moody they take it out on me. Well, I came across someone who said something clever about this issue, He said, "Sometimes, your loved ones don't need you to understand what they're going through, they just need you to take all the 'heat" they bring down on you." This makes sense -- in theory, but fails to materialise in real life because everyone has something they're going through, so who's to decide who should do the venting and who should just stand there taking all the heat. Also, this strategy isn't one that works. Primarily because it has been proven that pent up anger is always a catalyst for chaos. So today, I'm gonna offer a different take on this issue, which I call "Emotional Sacrifice."
Before I proceed, I need to make this clear-- like every other solution, this one is not a "magical answer to all questions". It doesn't work automatically and will be a lot harder if you have temper issues. With that cleared, on to the sacrificing and what not. 
Emotional Sacrifice is a concept of prioritising your emotional outbursts to keep the most important people to you out of the cross-hairs. *crickets chirping* .. Okay, okay so it's not that cut and dry but that's the general idea. Allow me to  instantiate.. *oops I forgot I'm not programming*. Allow me to expatiate. You know how when you're out in public, or in front of really important people (e.g your boss, distant family, etc.), you tend to be able to keep your emotions in check at work  and wait till you get home to do all your venting?  well emotional sacrifice is all about reversing that procession, such that you keep your emotions in check at home and with your loved ones and then vent somewhere else. However, this seems impractical too. So this is where the sacrifice part of it comes in. Having established the fact that we cant vent in front of our bosses or other important people, to avoid unemployment, etc. and that we also shouldn't vent on our family or loved ones, then the only logical thing left to do is to sacrifice that feeling of "satisfaction" you get from giving a "piece" of your mind and wait till a more suitable time to share your feelings when things aren't as tense. 
To be able to do this properly, you need the following:
> Activities that calm you down
> A ton of self control.
This is the tricky part. You have to find something to do that would actually calm you down when you're angry. From the research I carried out for this post, most people do this by going to a quiet place alone to cool down.. A more suspicious response I got was to think happy thoughts. Some people bury it in video games, ice cream etc. Whatever works for you, you need to find it. The self control part is pretty much self explanatory. 
Finally, you need to remember this is going to be one of the harder things to do as letting go of anger is naturally very difficult for most people. But if you keep trying hard, your loved ones would benefit greatly from the new you and you can actually spend more of your time justifying the "loved" part of loved ones rather than yell at them all the time. Till next time, keep calm,  smile and wave :). 
Let me hear what you think in the comments. 


Finding A Reason

Why do we do what we do? What drives us? what keeps us going? Why do we hurt ourselves? Why hasn't Josh blogged for 3 months? *Im sorry* (-_-) Of late, being the end of the year and all, I got to thinking recently, what makes us do the things we do on a daily basis? why are we as humans so self destructive; our habits, relationships and general behaviour. Then it hit me, as simple as this may sound, the main reason why humans appear to be irrational or devoid of thoughtfulness in some of their actions is that they haven't found a reason for what they're doing. Take this for example; Most college students have no reason for educating themselves in school, hence they focus on getting good grades so as to get a good job and earn good money. The end. Finis. Same thing goes for some people and marriage, they have no reason for marriage other than "my friends are getting married" or "I'm old enough for that now" or "I wanna have kids someday". No wonder divorce rates keep on rising. As a recent graduate myself, Everyone has been asking me all the conventional questions. You know, "When are you getting married?", "What next?", "What job are you gonna get" etc. Needless to say, this period of time has caused me to challenge some of the reasons I've held on to for so long and the result of my soul searching is what I want to share with you.
   Surprisingly, this post doesn't address finding a reason for big questions like marriage or career. I believe to truly begin to live with a reason, you need to start questioning yourself on a smaller scale. "Why am I eating this second plate?", "Why do I need the latest iPhone?" (just joking about this one.. always GET the latest iPhone--NEVER QUESTION THIS!! *down with androids* ) (^_^). Anyway back to the point, As I sat in my room, questioning myself, I noticed that the reason why I had made as many shortcomings as I did and I found that it was simply because I never found a solid reason before doing most of the things I did, and as a result, I had to get one on the fly. I personally believe that if we take out time when planning our days, to just find solid reasons for doing things, we can eliminate the things that dont have reasons, we can become increasingly productive and efficient in everything we do. 
PS: The next time you're gonna sit in front of 1 hour+ of the Kardashians, ask yourself why. The next time you're gonna follow illogical fashion, ask yourself why. 
I for one believe that the world would be a much better place if people learnt how to ask why. We'd have less conmen, doomed marriages, annoying customer care personnel, etc. 
Well, that brings me to the end for today. Keep asking, keep challenging the status quo. Stay hungry, stay Foolish (no, that didn't fit in -_-).  Also I'm back.... again 


No. 2: The World's Unsung hero

The History of the human race is one that has been filled with many great achievements and amazing feats of courage, vision, discipline, hard work and endurance. This has provided us with a number of heroes in various aspects of life. Most of the time. It's the one man who achieved such greatness we tend to idolise, a couple of examples are: Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King and many more. The interesting thing is, we tend to give way too much attention to these men and two little attention to their "number 2s"; Those who work behind the scene making things happen, doing all the things necessary to allow such great men achieve great things without distraction or unnecessary hinderances. But these men and women rarely ever get any credit. Sometimes they don't even get any recognition from the great men they assist. In my honest opinion, These guys are the true great men and women. It takes a lot of heart to be (sometimes) equally qualified to a particular person and stay out of the limelight making sure things go smoothly while someone else takes all the glory. Check this out for example; we all know the name of the first man on the moon - Neil Armstrong, but did you ever think of the guy  who had to stay back in the shuttle to make sure everything went smoothly while Neil and his friend jumped around on the moon? does He deserve any less credit? Or what about the the guy who woke up early every morning to make sure Einstein's lab was in shape and that he remembered to eat something?. Moving on to a more relatable example, We all know Steve Jobs, But only a handful know Apple's co-Founder Steve Wozniak, who by the way did most of the technical heavy-lifting. 

This perspective of greatness most people have that makes them only recognise those at the forefront of great achievements is what is majorly responsible for most men and women not giving any credit to those who put in just as much/important work into a particular project. This point of view drives people to the point where they'll stop at nothing until they are the centre of attention or they reach the highest point achievable. Most people think this is how to achieve true greatness. Sadly, greatness is far more complex than what most people perceive, It goes beyond recognition, fame or money. It's all about maximising your potential and reaching self fulfilment. The moral of my rather short piece is; Greatness is rarely ever in a man, it always lies in a vision, Hook up to the right vision, find the place you fit in best (not necessarily as the head) and put in 200%, remembering that it's not about the recognition but about putting all human sentiment and hunger for glory aside in order to achieve something great. Due to this, I have declared today October 11, 2012 as Michael Collins day (pictured right). The man who stayed back in the shuttle to make sure Armstrong and Aldrin were able to come back to the ship. This ladies and gentlemen, is a true great man.

The Power Of Dreams

      Hello Guys, Josh here. I know, I know, its been a very very long time. Well, no need to waste any more lines on excuses & apologies. Let's get down to it. Today I wanna talk about dreams. Remember those? Its something everyone has or had or should have but along the line, society has forced most of us to drop our dreams and focus on reality. Today's society has coerced most people into a "reality box" where they see dreams as something for children. Point is, somewhere along the line, we all get that "get real" speech. Granted, there are unrealistic dreams... in fact almost all dreams are unrealistic. Dreams are supposed to be Unrealistic. Dreams give you a glimpse of what you're capable of achieving... your potential. You just have to start getting used to dreaming big. What I'm encouraging here isn't a mere daydream. I want you to have a daring dream. Something that challenges the status quo. Before I get into the power of dreams, allow me to explain the qualities daring dreams have (credits: John Maxwell) ; 

  • Must rely on discipline not luck
  • Must Focus on the journey to your "end goal"
  • Cultivates a healthy discontent with the status quo
  • Maximizes the value of hard work it doesn't minimise it.
  • Leads to action not more dreaming or excuses
  • Creates momentum
  • Breeds teamwork
  • Initiates the process to achieving the dream
  • Makes you not others responsible.
      The points above are pretty self explanatory so I'll just move on to the power of your dreams is found in making yourself fulfil them by turning them into goals.  The funny thing about most dreams that eventually become great innovations would have remained stupid or unrealistic ideas until those men/women who dreamed them up turned them into actionable goals. That's what you've got to do. dream a dream, no matter how unachievable it is, (remember, some dreams are so epic it takes a lifetime to bring it into the world). You'll be SHOCKED at what you can achieve if you turn an dream you have into a to-do list of a couple of steps. So what are you waiting for? get dreaming... Let me know how that goes for you in the comments.

Cheers. Josh.

Reversing the cycle

For a while now, I've blogged about how bad the current situation of the world is, how desolate everything has become. But I've always wondered if there was a solution. I've heard stories about the past, where you could leave your house unlocked and unguarded and nothing would be amiss upon your return. I've heard of how the average person back then was morally sound and patriotic, regardless of religion or tribe, of how everyone had a general respect for their fellow man. These stories got me thinking, "is it possible to go back to such days?". Could we come to a place everyone isn't too busy worrying about themselves to look out for their fellow man?. Thankfully the answer is yes. But, like everything worthwhile, it's going to take some serious work. Before going any further, I'd like to state that this isn't one of those unrealistic "there's good in everyone" speeches. What I'm about to say is logically sound and only needs a few people to kickstart. 

First, let's look at how we got to this situation in the first place. How did we degrade from being super nice  humans to untrusting individuals? simple ---> back then, all it took to change the world for the worse was a little percentage of people to destroy people's trust and spread the disease of selfishness, distrust and immorality. These guys were responsible for making bad behaviour look cool and for propagating the notion that money and  fame is everything and so on and so forth. These guys practically started a cycle; they hurt people and broke their trust and then the victims took it out on other people. a cycle that eventually turned the into world to what it is today. I want you to see this as a call to arms. Let's be the small percentage, the agents of change that will reverse that cycle that is currently in motion by doing good and building trust. take out a few seconds to help people out, not because you want something from them but because you can. The interesting thing about this is that when you help people, those you helped and others are inspired to help others by your actions. I believe it is possible to eventually reverse the cycle, it may take years, but we can get there. I want to make it clear that I don't believe in helping everyone, there are those who would seek to take advantage of this, or who may have been hurt so bad they wont trust so easily, For such people, I believe there's a place you have to draw the line as to how far you would go. 
In conclusion, I must lay emphasis on the fact that the most important factor everyone willing to join the group of agents of change must possess is, GENUINENESS. you should help people nay because it's the right thing to do and not because you're trying to get favours from them or have them "owe you one". Like I said previously, it may take years but i believe we can get there if we put in the necessary effort. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. I'd love to hear back from you in the comments section. :) 

From the land of possibilities

Dear reader,

It was a lazy afternoon... you know, the hollywood-grade cliche ones., as I laid on my bed, I got to thinking, the world around me was changing rapidly, new ideas, opinions, innovations, dangers, ways of doing things, kinds of people and the things through which we lived our lives. Then I asked myself, was I also changing along with the world, was I changing "against" it or was I being left behind in the wake of change. As I pondered on this, I drifted into the land of endless possibilities in which I was King and had no worries, needs, wants, troubles. I hadn't been here since I was a mere child. Feelings of nostalgia came over me as I  looked back on the good old days with a large grin on my face. Buzzzz!!!!!! my alarm went off and in an instant I was back on my bed thinking, It had been so long since I dreamt about anything, about how someday I was gonna rule the world and make it a place of endless possibilities. As I approached the fridge for some midday carb fest, I came upon a shocking story on CNN, a madman, dressed up as the joker (from batman)  had just ended the lives of innocent people in a cinema. 
        I stood there staring blankly at the screen, Suddenly I was hit by shock....not shock at the random shooting, no, I was shocked at the fact that such a story didn't shock me anymore. How did we get here? What went wrong? We now live in a world where practically anything goes now. People have no fear of God anymore and majority of people now don't hold the proper place for family values. Entertainment companies are far more interested in making money than in the kind of messages and values they're passing on to people, people are far more interested in getting their quick "fix" of entertainment than in what kind of content they're consuming. The world is becoming populated by Godless, senseless, destructive people going nowhere at light-speed. For lack of a better activity at the time,  I paced back and forth for a while, then headed back to my bed. Still thinking, still dreaming, as I closed my eyelids, and boarded a ship back to the land of endless possibilities, I whispered to myself, "I'm gonna change the world someday."

Signed Josh
King of the land of Possibilities.

Live. Dont just exist.

I know, I know, this seems pretty cliche in this age of the "Yolo" but hear me out. We all want to have a great life, we all have dreams, goals, wishes and aspirations but 100% of the time, 90% of people hardly ever achieve any of them. I was confused at first, then later I got to thinking, I remembered how when I was a kid, everyone always said to us kids, "dream BIG", "aim for the stars", blah blah and as I grew up, those same people changed their words to "be realistic", "get real". They practically tell us without actually saying it that dreams are for children. It's at this point that most people fall prey to the "safe life" they become part of the machine of society. They lose their creativity, uniqueness and individuality that God created them with. They become robots who only live for the next payday. Slaves to bosses and corporations. Hence my concern. After much thinking, I've chalked it up to this. We're all in a rush --- a rush that doesn't exist. A rush that forces us to settle for anything that looks safe that comes to our way. WE SETTLE. NEVER SETTLE. Just think about this hilarious quote I read a while back, "do we all avoid taking risks so as to arrive safely at death?" funny but true. Most people are afraid of trying, afraid of living and therefore never live. They exist.
I'm here to tell you there's another way. Free yourself from the set of wrong principles that make people focus too much on a salary than on making their lives count for something. Do what you love and love what you do. It is only by doing so that you can actually live. Why do you think those geeks back at school were so good at their academics, it wasn't because they had some superior intellectual capacity, it's because they actually LOVED school.  However, for fear of derailing into a slew of cliches, I'll leave you with this. If today was the last day of your life, how would you live it? your answer should become a daily routine. If you disagree and believe this is all a load of nonsense, repeat after me, "Go to work, send kids to school, follow fashion, act normal, walk on pavement, watch T.V, work all day" let that sink in for a while then repeat after me again, "I am free" trololololol. See ya l8r.

Where are we headed?

They say Children are the future but do they really mean that? I've observed and noticed a very unnerving trend; we are literally playing with fire. Kids/teens/young adults are being raised and fed with and by the media. The internet. Games. ...the Kardashians???  . For the sake of this article, I'll refer to children as "our future". Today's youth, 'our future', don't have the skills necessary to create the bright future our songs tell of.
I need not rely on mere stories for what I'm talking about, for I myself have had many a conversation with many a youth (pardon my "unusual" grammar, I write with fury). The general level of common sense and intelligence has plummeted to the point where you can barely have a conversation about relevant matters with these people much less find them searching for such information.
Well, I can't resist the temptation any longer. Enter: Conspiracy theory #3: "Entertainment is evil". WAIT. dot shoot me just yet, hear me out. After much thinking and research, I uncovered the obvious; the average "under 20" guy is clueless about basic world affairs, and his future in general. Entertainment is robbing our youth of the precious time which they should've used for character development, sharpening their intellect. Sadly, the situation grows dire day after day. Now, we have more reality tv shows on TV than high school subjects in schools. Ladies and gentlemen, we need to wake up and smell the coffee.. Imagine this, 25 years from now, if that girl on your street who's addicted to reality TV and Facebook, becomes the next governor of your  state, senator, or *gulp* president. What kind of decisions do you expect her to make??. **end of conspiracy theory**
Lets get real for a moment, If you've had your fair share of socializing with people for some time now, you might have noticed a shocking trend -- people are getting less intelligent by the day and it all boils down to the fact that the general population is no longer being motivated to build their minds with constructive, positive and healthy content. It seems to me that nearly every TV series and movie portray people who pursue healthy constructive content and self improvement through what they consume (e.g books, movies etc.) and what they do as potential "forever alone guys"
Frankly, I think the best way around this problem is to encourage the next generation that being smart isn't "uncool" and quite frankly necessary for the sanity of the world... We already have too many stupid ideas.
Well that's all for now, Remember the world is depending on you to save it from the "others" lol.

I got tagged....

           A while ago, MISSLARA, a fellow blogger tagged me. She basically asked me to say 11 random things about myself and answer 11 questions... So beneath dwells a tale as sung by the bards of ye olde times of a man who was once a boy, who was once a child. The tale of Josh.. the first??

  •  Lover of God and my fellow humans.
  •  Programmer
  •  Christian
  •  Gearhead
  •  Genius
  •  Thinker.
  •  Lover of fast, beautiful cars.
  •  Hardcore Gamer
  •  Minimalist.
  •  Great friend.

And now her 11 questions. My answers will be right under them.

1) What is your favourite endearing word?
 A: Awesomeness

2)what was your most embarrassing moment?
A:a well guarded secret that I'll take to the grave lol.

3)what do you think of me? (misslara)
A: here goes
  • Intelligent
  • great writer 
4) Are you sexually active?
A; Nope.

5)what do you think of me?
A: answers above lol

6)What gift would you love for your birthday?
A: Aston martin one-77.

7)who is a major influence in your life right now?
A: My dad

8) Thoughts on marriage?
A: It's a union between 1 man and 1 woman. :p 

9) what do you do in your spare time?
A: Lurk on reddit (*trollface*), mostly crunching code.

10) what is the single most stupid thing you have ever done?
A: saw an episode of glee :p

11) do you have any event you regret?
A: Nope.

Learning from the ant II: Saving up in bits.

We live in a world where a majority of people are very unhappy with their country's economy and the effect of it on their lives. We've all been there. we all wish we lived in a world where everything is fair and everyone can be truly happy/satisfied financially and have great lifestyles. I'm gonna stop now because I feel the urge to add rainbows, unicorns and all that ^_^ . The point is this world is shockingly imperfect, and there's pretty much nothing nayone will be able to do about that. However, you can make your own world as awesome as possible by adopting the "bit-by-bit" strategy from the ant. The ant has made a name for itself as a tireless hardworker, a quality a lot of us have (especially when it comes to making money) but what we often overlook is that the ant combines its hardwork with "smart work". Ants can carry things far heavier than they are, yet when they need to carry off some of your precious biscuits, they pick it off crumb by crumb, storing it up in a certain loaction until its enough for them to withstand storms and unfriendly climate conditions. 
Enough on ants, how does this apply to us humans? First, we have to look at certain things that can be stored; money, knowledge, possessions, achievements etc. Lets look at money, If an ant suddenly gained the ability to work a 9 to 5pm job like most of us, chances are he'll have more saved than we do. The lesson here is, you must save more than you spend by saving daily and spending on occasion. My dad once told me to save in trickles daily, and spend largely on occassion.Have you ever considered the amount of change you spend on things you dont need? I did a calculation once and found out that I spent almost 30% of my allowance weekly on things I really didnt need and I suggest you check too, By doing so, I save 50% of my allowance monthly easily now. If it works for the ant, it'll work for you. This also works for knowledge gathering or academics, The best way I've discovered to master a course, language, subject as the case may be, is to do it in bits over time. Our problem most times is that we are waiting for that unoccupied block of time when we'll be free of most of our responsibilities. Well, life never gives you that, the older you go, the busier you get till your'e too old to need what you wanted to learn in the first place. So why not copy the ant today? In my quest to emulate the ant in my learning, I decided to give 30 mins to learning a particular programming course daily and in just under a week, I've completed the beginners module.  
I must admit, working this way isnt easy, but you need to put in that extra juice and once it becomes a habit, you'll never be able to settle for anything less. I'd love to hear your thoughts, views, disagreements and results in the comments. Cheers Josh. 

Learning from the ant : Introduction

Hey guys, today we're gonna talk about the ant... probably the most intriguing non human I've seen in a while. You might also be wondering, how can we learn from ants. Is that even possible? well yes. The ant even though tiny, seemingly powerless, has a few lessons to teach us. They are:

> Saving up in little bits
> Teamwork
> Preparing ahead
> The power of numbers.

Join me as we look into these amazing lessons we can pick up from the little ant. Remember, all great things start small.

How to buy happiness .... with money

I know... I Know... we've all heard the saying money can't buy you happiness. it's wrong. Money can't buy joy but it can buy you happiness all you need is the right shopping list. Most people spend their money on themselves. That's fair considering a majority of people work for their own money. However, many people are still not happy. Let's have a logical breakdown of what "buying" means. To buy basically means to exchange what you have (money) for what someone has(e.g iPhone) or to get something done (e.g laundry). Well in order to buy happiness, studies have shown that you can do this by giving your money to those in need or to a worthy cause(charity, missionaries etc.).
For a long time I always knew there was this special feeling you get from giving (genuinely) to those in need but I never knew it could be controlled as easily as just giving money to people or to get things done for others on purpose. I became actively aware of the connection between helping others with money after watching a TED talk on this subject. I set out to try this out and I found that by donating money to a worthy cause or helping out people in need with it, I actually felt significantly happier than I would have if I bought a burger with the same amount of money. So... In need of happiness? Go out and buy you some :p . Let me hear your experiences past or present in which you used your money to help someone else out and felt good about it in the comments section. Have fun. Cheers. Josh (a very "happy" customer)

Square pegs, Round holes and Life lessons :)

It was a cold, dark, sunny night. Wait... what? Ok never mind. Well recently I got to thinking and I discovered something interesting that I would love to share with you. Have you ever seen a kid play with his shapes and keeps trying to fit the square peg into the round hole? If you have, (or if you havent but have a reliable imagination), then you'll realize that the kid would fail no matter how hard he works at trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. And the moral of the story? .... crime doesn't pay.. oops wrong moral *lol*. Well the point of the analogy is to point to your attention a mistake almost all of us make with the most important issues of our lives most importantly our career choices/way of life. Most of us have been led to believe from a very young age that your life has to meet certain requirements for you to obtain happiness or fulfillment. While it is true that there are certain general factors common to everyone who wishes to have an amazing life, one must also remember that everyone on earth was created to express a high degree of individuality. Your responsibility then becomes to find out how to bring out that individuality and express it in your life and to your world in a special way. However, most people dont do this. People look at all the successful people in the world today and begin to model their lives after theirs in a weird "copy-cat frenzy". Some people go as far as the same hairstyle or manner of speech. This robs you of your individuality. Back to the analogy of the square peg in the round hole, that's like many of us, trying to fit our "square-shaped" destinies into the round holes of those we look up to, the expectations of those around us and the social conventions we're exposed to. Just like the kid who works so hard trying to fit the square peg in the round hole, we also waste a large amount of our lives trying to force-fit our destinies into the templates of those before us. Finally, I want you to picture a scenario in which a kid succeeds in forcing the square peg in the round hole, what normally comes of that is a broken toy. So also, when you toss your individuality aside and blindly force your life to fit the ones of people around you, 9 times out of ten, you come out broken in a way that's tricky to repair. Well, that's all for now, Let me hear your thoughts, views, comments, disagreements and criticisms in the comments section. 
              Stay awesome.  

The Moment Of Truth

     Hey guys, Josh Here, and Today I'd like to talk about something that has been on my mind for a while: The Moment Of Truth. For those of you who don't know what this is, The moment of truth is that crucial moment on which much depends. It's a make or break moment. They barely come around and even worse, most people never know when this moment is. So far, I've had a couple of these moments and I hardly ever know when they come around. I've often pondered if "the moment of truth" really exists. I always wonder what people of great power and accomplishment in faith, career and impact did when they were my age. Did they know that their next idea after a gazillion tries was the one that would launch them to stardom? How did they know that the idea that made them great was the one they needed to work on like no other. Did they feel it in their gut? was it a different feeling from the other times? Or was it a general attitude to al their ideas that drive these men to give each idea their all and right after it fails, to pick themselves up from the dirt and try again with the same vigor and determination? After thinking (*slightly obsessively*) over these things, I came to my personal conclusion that this "moment of truth" doesn't really exist and if it does exist, we almost always cant tell before the moment has passed. I believe that to become a success in life, You can't sit back all day waiting for that all-inspiring feeling, that rush of adrenaline, that epic feeling, before lunging at your goals with determination. After doing a bit of research, I found out that most great people became great by doing the right things consistently overtime. So if you're like me, waiting for that moment that skyrockets you to greatness, amy advice for you is to find the right track, stay determined and you'll be shocked just as much as the next guy when greatness comes a-knockin'. Well that's all for now, Don't forget to share your views, criticism and ideas in the comments section. Also enjoy and share this with all your friends. Stay Awesome. Josh out.

Back....at long, long last.

Hello guys, Firstly, I'd like to apologize for my very much extended "break/absence" from the blogging scene. I promise this is the last time.. no really I do :).. anyway I'm back and I missed all my readers and I know you missed the best blog online (yes…this one :p). Look forward to my next post. Have an awesome day… Cheers Josh. 

Carpe Diem

        Hi guys, Josh here and the first thing I want to say is that I've missed you all very much and its great to be back blogging. During the "End of the year-new year" period, I got to thinking. We all have resolutions, goals, dreams, visions, desires, wishes, etc. We all have something we want out of our lives and We all wish for ways to make them happen. Some of us pursue them more actively than others. However, 90% of the time, we discover in the end that we had the resources, time and capacity to make those things happen but what made us fall short of our expectations… was ourselves.We failed to seize the day. It's extremely easy to see how you could have gone about achieving something more efficiently after it failed. I can't count the number of times I woke up on a "December 31st" and look at the resolutions I wrote at the beginning of the year, and I always see what I could have done to achieve those things. I'm sure some of you have had this kind of experience. Last year I traced my steps to see where I fell off track and I discovered that all I had was drive.. pure raw motivation. Let me give a quick example: One of my resolutions last January was to learn add a particular programming language to my C.V. Sadly at the end of the year I hadn't. I realized I had more than enough resources to achieve that goal in less than 6 months but I never "seized the day". After much study and observation, I've come to realize that the only way I can seize the day is by treating each day like the start of a new year. (*and no... it's not as crazy as it sounds*) What I have done this year is to stop looking at my journey to a goal on a cumulative basis but rather seeking to achieve on a daily basis. Everything that comes my way now, I decided to give it my possible best. To outdo my self every time. What if it was possible to achieve more by the hour? by the minute? by the moment? I let the fact that In life you're only as significant as the impact you've made and continue to make. Last year, like many people I interviewed for this, I found it so easy to rest on the minor achievements I made on the way to larger goals. This fueled my procrastination in that direction. So this year I sat down, took a look at all the resources I had to my disposal; technological, intellectual, physical etc. and planned for a change. When last did you make a comprehensive plan before doing something? i think the most common failure story is that of a man who knew the right steps but never took them. So as you go on with your day , your plans, work and routines, take out time to see how much more effective you can make yourself. What else could you buy to improve your productivity, save time, help you think better and so on. REMEMBER, People come, people go, people are born, people die, they succeed, they fail but in the end, nothing's more tragic than a man who wasted his potential. *Cheer up guys* know you know lol.. check out this picture I found..."thought provoking" ----->   Right HERE !!!! :)
I'd also love to hear how you guys plan to make this year super effective in the comments. Enjoy and share.. cheers. 

A lesson from the crabs

Hi guys, Josh here. A few days ago I got to thinking. Why is it that when a person gets a bit of success, Its almost always his friends that pull him down. Either by alienating him or 'guilting' him into thinking He's acting superior. Although its possible that the guy in question was responsible for his own downfall (*actually that's basically the case most of the time*) but that's not my point right now (^_^). A basic demonstration of this concept is the crab mentality or like it's popularly known, 'crabs in a bucket'. This is basically a scenario in which a bunch of crabs are put in a bucket, a bucket in which any crab can escape at any point in time but can't because any time one crab tries to escape, all the others pull it down. This practically continues till the crabs stop bothering themselves. The moral of this story is when you don't support others in their time of success, it's not only them that stay in the 'bucket' of mediocrity, you also stay with them pulling them down. 
In today's world, we can see that being prevalent. Every time someone succeeds, 'haters' rise up. Just try to think back to any success or great idea you've ever had, you'll notice that  its most likely to have been a friend or loved one who criticized, or tried to play down your idea, stab you in the back, spread a mean rumor , etc. It's actually funny that you might have played that role at one point. Have you ever been in this conversation?

Friend : Hey, I have this great idea and i think it would be big someday.

You: Well, Im not so sure, It might not catch on. Or 'don't get to far ahead of yourself'.
        Well if you've been in a similar situation, I want you to see my point of view. Most people who pull their friends' ideas down, are secretly scared that they'll be left behind or that will somehow affect their own success. Well interestingly, what Ive noticed (and can't go into in detail) is that those who benefit the most from a person's success are those who supported them right from the start. Imagine if all the astronauts wanted to walk on the moon with Neil Armstrong and no one waited behind in the spaceship to make sure everything went well, they'll probably never have walked on the moon. Finally, I'll like to say that sometimes you become number 1 by helping someone else become number 1. 
Let me hear your thoughts in the comments. till next time guys. Have fun. (^_^)


           Hi Guys, Josh here and its CHRISTMAS woot!!!!!!! This is to wish you all a wonderful christmas and a beautiful new year :) I'd have made this post longer but well, its Christmas. Don't forget to give Jesus a birthday gift today :) If you don't know how, just send an iPad to me…that could suffice hehehe . Anyways, have loads of fun today guys, enjoy the true meaning of christmas and have a good time. Cheers Josh

Why Dreams Die

                Hi Guys welcome to the best reading experience on the web. First off, I'd like to apologize for the delay in the release of the wordpress blog. I'm still ironing out some technical kinks. However today I'lll be continuing our discussion on jobs are for … from another angle. 
If you're like me, then you've probably wondered how most people tend to have less 'big dreams' as they go on with their lives. Most kids have high targets; presidents, doctors, engineers e.t.c But somehow down the line those dreams fade away. It's so bad that if you tell your friend right now that you wanna be president someday, He's most likely to say, 'dude get real'. This is my theory as to why this happens. 
           The world is a materialistic place that requires a lot of money to get by. And sadly, education in most places has come to the place where you're practically being trained to obtain a degree and get a job and earn a living. Most people in the working class today would tell you that their job isn't their dream and a significantly less number have any prospects of getting a better job or something close to their dream job. Now back to the child issue, it all boils down to the fact that we let the world limit us. We allow others define what possible is for us. 
           There's another set of people who are not completely sure of what they want to be doing with the rest of their lives. This is the category where a good number of us fall (whether you believe it or not, you're most likely in this group). What society has encouraged us to do is to try out various fields and see which fits us best but I disagree. My thought on this is that such people, have talents in fields yet undiscovered. For example computer science as a discipline is relatively new. Think of all the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Zukerbergs who lived and died at some dead end job because someone told them they HAD to be doctors or lawyers or one thing or another. My point is before you settle down with a job, make sure it's worth your lifetime, if not, don't stop searching. Always remember that nothing beats the feeling of living life the way it's supposed to be lived… as a life ;). till next time, stay awesome


            Hey Guys, Your favorite blog (*yes..this one*) would be moving over to Wordpress very soon. It's mainly due to the fact that Wordpress would allow me to easily blog on the go from my phone. Not to worry, It's awesome news because I'll get to upload new content daily (^_^) . Get ready for videos, full-on daily 3's and much more of the conspiracy theories you love. Until then I'll keep uploading to this blog.
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