Routines & Schedules: A Lesson On Following Through.

Happy New Year everyone. I trust you all had an amazing festive period. Firstly, I must apologise for my extended absence online, it was due to a secret project I’ve been working on (Watch my “Work” Section for updates). However, what matters now is that I’m am back and this time, I promise to be a lot more frequent with my posts. No really, I promise, its actually one of my new year resolutions. Speaking of resolutions, one of the aspects of the lives of successful, great men that has fascinated me is their ability to follow through to achieve their goals and visions. I believe this issue is particularly relevant at this time of the year when almost everyone is making new year resolutions which commonly comprise of becoming better people, getting in shape, finding love or landing a dream job. Sadly, come February, most of these resolutions would be long forgotten and its back to business as usual. Even the most obstinate of us generally struggle to keep up come April. Interestingly however, the ability to reinvent one’s self for the sake of constant improvement is instrumental in becoming a success in any field. Today, I’ll discuss a minor issue (^_~) in my true fashion, detailing why I believe great men are able to follow through on their dreams while average men struggle.

    “Great men do daily what average men do on occasion.”

What is it that sets them apart when it comes to fulfilling their goals? It’s worthy of mention that this is not an easy task. It would require discipline and some degree of hard work.

Schedules versus Routines. As similar as these words are, there is a very subtle difference I like to highlight between them in relation to great men and average men. As you might have already deduced, Great men keep schedules while the average man follows a routine. A routine is a passive, usually unintentional pattern of behaviour that people follow or conduct while a schedule is an active, intentional sequence of activity carried out by people.

See, the interesting thing here is the incredibly minute nature of the difference between the two. So much so that if you aren’t looking close enough, you might be following a routine rather than enforcing a schedule.

            “It begins with control”

God gave humans one of the greatest gifts ever; freewill. There have been incredible stories in the past of great men who changed their nations and by extension the world, who were driven by sheer force of will to achieve the goals or visions they set out to accomplish. Knowing that it all boils down to your ability to keep your “eyes on the ball” is a great boost to your motivation.

Most of us lose sight of our new year resolutions as the year goes by because we move from a place where we had a schedule to a place where we were blindly following a routine. This is because a routine is easier. It is easier to blame your lack of personal development time on a busy job than it is to sit down, and strategise on how to carve out as much time in a day as possible for other pursuits. We hear of great athletes, inventors and business men who tell of how they enforced a particular regimen a day ranging from making a thousand basket ball shots in a practice session to attempting a scientific invention a month.

The point I want to highlight here is the deliberateness which you must apply to your goals if they are ever to become a reality. You need to constantly take daily steps which are part of some preprepared grand strategy in order to see your dreams come true. Nothing works without a game-plan. Even relatively minor issues like losing weight or picking up a new language need you to have a big plan which in turn drives a daily schedule for you.

You cant afford to do things blindly anymore. Dont follow a routine. Make a schedule and stick to it. Sometimes your activities might not change, but your attitude and awareness do, and sometimes that’s all opportunity requires... “Your attention”.

In light of this, rewrite your new year resolutions and itemise the daily or weekly steps you need to take to make it a reality and most importantly, START TODAY. Remember,

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

                            - Alan Lakein

See you next time.

Cheers. Josh.