Cracks always connect.

"Everything is Connected" - Author Unknown

That statement might be one of the greatest clichès ever. But like a lot of other clichès, it's also sometimes true. Things always connect.


What are cracks? they are silent, unnoticed and ignored. They are painted over, decorated upon and overlooked by most. But to the trained eye, a crack could be a building's collapse just waiting to happen. Why?

Because Cracks always connect

A story comes to mind on this particular issue. There was once a young lady, smart, ambitious, full of promise and more importantly to this story, beautiful. Due to her beauty, she had to go through a lot of unwanted attention from men and jealousy from her friends and people around her. At first she hated the fact that a lot of people she met expected her to be loose and sex-obsessed due to her beauty. However, she was a good decent girl, although she wasn't Christian or religious, she held herself to very high moral standards. At least at first.

As she entered her twenties, the pressure kicked into a very high gear, she caved in. She suddenly realized that at some of her jobs/classes/interactions, she had to work significantly less than others to get favorably responses and outcomes. Not because she exerted herself anymore than her peers but because of her beauty. Suddenly she had found her ticket. Suddenly, she wasn't a teenager who was freaked out by all the constant male attention she was getting. She gradually began to enjoy it and eventually, she began to expect it. That was the first crack.

Not too long after, she changed her friends, social circles and behaviour, she was young, beautiful, wanted, and had the whole world seemingly eating out of her palm.

Crack after crack.

She deviated morally. She went so far off the rails that she built a reputation for herself on her sexual escapades. Then she met James. James was your run-of-the-mill rich, young irresponsible playboy with untethered access to his family's fortunes. He spoiled her and she loved it. Trips, cars, clothes, jewellry, and a couple of abortions. Everything was paid for by James. Eventually, college ended and James got "serious" with his life and cut her loose. Another crack.

Soon the world started responding to her differently, she was yesterday's news. There were now younger, prettier girls parading the same places she once "ruled". She was filled with regret. Luckily enough, she did not give up and fall into the depression and self pity, she picked herself up, got serious with her life, got a great job and met a wonderful man named John.

John was the perfect guy and all her friends were caught between being happy for her and extreme jealousy. Life was going her way again but she never fixed the cracks of her past. To make things worse she never told John about her past mistakes even after John expressed a strong interest in marrying her. She knew everything about John but never told him about her past. John took her one weekend to meet his family because he intended to marry her. She was blissful. Perfect job, perfect guy, perfect life. At least that's what she thought until she walked into James in John's living room.

She was speechless. It turned out John was James' brother. To cut the long story short, James proceeded to tell John about their sexual deviancies of the past, the abortions and so on. A shattered John called of their wedding plans and ended their relationship. She experienced true loss for the first time in her life. And it was all because of the cracks in her past she never fixed.

Now, this story, as masterfully told as it was (wink wink), isn't the focus of this post. We all have a past. Every last one of us has something he/she has done in the past that we're not proud of. Some of us have managed to change, "to put it all behind us". But the one thing people fail to do is to "FIX" the cracks caused by their past choices, could be someone you cheated, a crime you committed, ill-gotten gains. To truly put the past behind them, one must first take care of the cracks that need to be taken care of. Why?

Because All Cracks Connect...All Of them

I'll never forget something my dad always said about Skeletons in cupboards. He said, "Its better not to have any cupboard in the first place." I believe in forgiveness as much as the next guy perhaps even more, but even when God forgives a man of his sin, that doesn't take away the physical implication of what he's done (E.g a man who murders another man will still face the law's punishment whether or not he asks God to forgive him.) Forgiveness wipes away the sin but often not its consequence.

What now?

I must say this, "I COMPLETELY and wholeheartedly, believe that we all must shift ALL our attention from the past to the present and future" But I've also seen enough cracks connect that I know that the more consequences you leave unhandled, the harder your "building" will crumble later on.

Now, I'm aware that mistakes are as varied as life itself, so I can't provide a "pretentious, one-size-fits-all solution", but I can give you something to think about and inform your actions by.

My True Focus

Despite the tone of this post so far, it was intended more as a warning than a recovery scheme. Don't take decisions without thinking through the consequences it might have. Remember, a couple of small cracks connect into a massive one. One capable of bringing the best-built of buildings crumbling down. The point of this post is not to bring negative thoughts back but to awaken you to a refreshed awareness of the consequences that your choices bring.

This is a note to all those who have bright futures ahead of them. Those who believe their future is going to be Amazing. Don't, I repeat, Don't throw it all away with a couple of bad decisions now. It could be as simple as skipping class or consuming potentially harmful stuff.(Physically or mentally). Dont find yourself in an amazing future that get's wrecked by a silly error you made at 20 and failed to take care of.

Remember, Cracks always connect

"A word is enough for the wise"

Cheers, Josh