Illogical (Part 1)

Let's face it, society is a faulty structure. By it's very nature, it encourages us to be as selfish, greedy and conformist as possible. Most dangerous of all, society expects us to be... logical.

On the surface, this appears to be a good thing, but it's not. I mentioned it being dangerous and here is why; Logic is subjective.

Logic when dealing with human issues and matters, is as a direct result of what the "majority" agree logic should be. Many people see this as a form of freedom, when in fact, we're enslaving ourselves to our society. Consider this,

People from all walks of life usually blame religion for being the major proponent of the sentimental nature of humans. They often imply that you must be an illogical person because you believe in a higher power. They jump to the conclusion that religion makes people sentimental "nutjobs", who are incapable of thinking for themselves. An interesting thought no doubt.

Truth is, people like this, however intelligent, accomplished or well-read, err in this because they fail to see the heart of the matter.

The Heart Of The Matter.

Simply put, nothing other than a man himself can make him illogical or over-expressive of sentiment. That is, an illogical religious man is first illogical before he is religious.

To buttress this point, have you ever seen an accomplished man of science lose his marriage? or fail in raising his son? most times, when you dig a little deeper, you discover that his marriage ended on rather "illogical" reasons (e.g "We grew apart", "I didn't spend enough time with my family"). One would expect such a man to be "logical" enough to know that a family, just like anything else worth having, requires the investment of time.

Sadly, the "logicals" (those who conform to the general logic structure of society) quickly chalk it up to marriage being "illogical and outdated". Wow! They often ignore the fact that since the beginning of time there have been MILLIONS of successful marriages, some of which they sometimes are the product of.

Logic is blinding. It makes us unable to accept the unconventional.

Logic restricts us to the status quo. It makes us unable to visit the unexplored

Logic has never advanced mankind. It inhibits us, It stagnates us.

Logic is dangerous.

Once upon a time, Apple (headed by Jobs) made an ad for its employees, "Here's to the crazy ones" Link Here

I like that ad because of how effectively it cuts at the puppet strings of society.

As a Christian, I follow rules, fulfill my duties BUT I make every effort to demarcate the additions & sentiments of man from the actual statutes of Christianity. I am ... illogical. I refuse to give in to the pressure to conform to the "logic" of society, either in it's religious or secular form.

I am illogical

I refuse to accept the constrictions on my thinking, my love for my Savior; Jesus Christ, or the sanctity of marriage. I refuse to be seen as clinging on to archaic constitutions.

I am illogical

I refuse to live in a world where people are encouraged to smoke, drink alcohol, deviate sexually, disrespect the parents who gave all to raise them but yet refer to me as the crazy one when I speak of my love for Christ and the need to abstain from such indulgences.

I am illogical

I refuse to applaud a man for choosing to love another man even though it's His choice as a human to do what he wants but have to sit in silence when my faith is mocked and dragged in the mud in popular media and by the "majority" of society.

I am illogical ... Are you?

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