The True Cost Of Free Time

Lets face it, we all love free time, hec, we look forward to it: that little pocket of time when we are idle and can just unwind and refresh ourselves. This sounds logical right? I mean a guy's gotta have a break. Wrong! ...Wait, What? 

We need to think about the actual cost of free time.

Personally, I believe that if you're under the age of 30, you should be looking forward to as little free time as possible. This is because free time is never free. 

Ever wondered what the free time you have will eventually cost you?

I personally believe that every one should use their first 30 years working and developing themselves as much as possible. Don't be a 1 skill kinda guy, diversify, explore, search out and unlock your potential. 

I've always been of the opinion that there are still so many fields that are yet to be explored, discovered. So stop sitting on your butt "enjoying free time" and explore. Just think, 10 years ago, being an app developer wasn't really a thing. But now, it's the in thing. It happened because some people decided to explore and expand the world’s current view of things.

By now, you might be thinking 30? isn’t that a little too far? well not really if you actually think about it. I’ll explain, For most people, their most important choice (what they’d become) was made for them right before senior High School, about the time where you get to choose if you’ll be in the hard sciences, arts or the social sciences. Right from that age, your thinking, ambition, expectations and often dreams, begin to be influenced by factors above your age and possibly, grasp of the world, fast forward a couple more years and you’re faced with the major question, “What will I study in college?” For the average expected age (15-17) of people coming into college, they barely ever take that decision on their own and even far less of them get it right. However, the sad part of this is that its hard to tell such a person got it wrong until, he/she graduates 4 years in time and tuition fees after. 

Well, enough of all that, back to the main point. I believe that even if you got it right with your study choices, chances are, your school has shaped you for 9-5 work for some firm forever. Before you say anything, you should know that I’m not a “Pro-entrepreneurship”, anti-“the man” kind of guy. I respect both sides of the work coin equally, Some people prefer the stability of the 9-5 life while some prefer the flexibility of the entrepreneurship side.  The point I hope to make today is simply this, "Don't be in a hurry to settle." History is full of men who became famous for doing something completely different from their formal education. 

So, why is free time costly?

>> It's the tool you need to unlock the potential and unearth hidden capabilities in you that the world's education system hasn't developed to the point where you can be properly "utilised."

You could choose to spend 3 hours a day catching up on all your fav TV, or you can spend it researching and putting your dreams into actualisation.

>> It's not forever at least not technically. There comes a time that you'll have no time for extra stuff because, life's responsibilities will be at their peak (children, marriage, rent/mortgage, tuition, more responsibility at work) and after this stretch of time, you'll find yourself thinking about retirement and strengthening the connection with your family. It's usually at this point you find parents trying to "live" their own dreams through their kids, furthering the cycle of damage. 

Well, that's it for now, put your extra time to good use now that you've still got it. Your future self will be grateful. 

Cheers, Josh.