Congesting the Future.

Hi guys, its been a while. So, I’ve been thinking about the subjects of procrastination, potential and the future. How is it that some men achieve so much in a day-- much more than most men achieve in their lifetimes? How come some of us never scratch the surface of the capacity put in us by God? Are some people more special than the others? If no, then what do they do that sets them apart from the crowd? Maybe they’re just lucky. Short answer; They don't congest their future.

These are all thoughts I’m sure might have crossed your mind a few times. Call me intense, but I sincerely believe that each man was destined for greatness, regardless of privilege, status, race or gender. However, most people never come close to breaking into it. Before I go any further, I must make some distinctions as to what I mean when I say greatness. I don’t mean fame or money, I sincerely believe that your destiny transcends any “external” physical form of gratification. Obviously, a lot of the time, in maximising your potential, you become famous, wealthy and gain status. However, that’s not the point of this piece.

I know, I know, at this point you’re probably thinking, “Here we go again, another one of those pretentious, “everyone is a champion” articles. It’s not. I aim to show you a reason that you most likely have never thought of as to why most people haven’t yet and may never break into their full potential.

“Great men do daily what average men do on occasion” - Rev. Olusola Areogun

So then, let’s get right into it. I've been thinking and reading lately and have come to realise that one of the major reasons why most of us tend to live average lives is because we congest the future This particular reason is hard to detect because it affects all kinds of people, most especially the hardworking ones (They never see it coming). We're used to hearing the more conventional reasons like, laziness, lack of foresight, procrastination and much more, however, if this were solely true, then a lot more hardworking, ambitious men would have been all that they could be and the world would be one lovely place to live in but it's not. Take yourself as an example, have you ever tried to pick up a new skill or develop one of your talents? more often than not, such skills don't coincide with your routine activities and as such require extra time to be carved out for them out of work and such. Subconsciously, we relegate developing them to some other time in the future, (this isn't exactly procrastination because it's born out of legitimate "busyness" as opposed to lethargy). But what we often fail to remember, especially in our younger years is, the "future" would have even more legitimate concerns to take up most of our time such as marriage, kids, a 9 to 5 job, kids' college fund(this one needed it's own category :P), such that the moment you're out of college, you pretty much have next to no time to take a breath. This is sometimes complicated by some random tragedy or setback.

Fast-forward 20 years and that smart, talented guy you were back in high school is a now a weary, cynical middle aged salaryman. Again, the focus isn't the money, like I said earlier, wealth doesn't make a great man, only the man knows deep down what he could have actually become.

To cut the long story short, congesting the future is something we mostly all do daily, we waste our efforts chasing conventional success and tell ourselves things like, "I'll spend more time with my kids when I'm rich & stable" or "I'll hone my language skills someday" or "I'll study tomorrow ;)" and when tomorrow finally comes, we find that there just isn't enough time and so there are certain dreams, talents & gifts we let die with us.

I think the saddest part of this all is that it usually affects the hard-workers the most and it's never something you see coming. It creeps on you till you wake up at 75 and wonder where all your dreams went.

The solution

The first thing to keep in mind is that it's never too late to work towards maximizing your potential, it would just require more effort if your'e much older, but possible nontheless. The exact solution to this varies depending on your specific circumstance, but the thing to remember is, when you're old and grey, what are the things you should have/would have liked to have accomplished by then? include those things in your routine now. Is it a company you want to start at 20? go for it! chances are you're better privileged than the great men you look up to who started at zero too. Never put off your dreams. The more things you leave to the "future", the less time you'll have for them. Chase your destiny now.



See you next Thursday... I promise